Elect Laurie Warner to the Minnesota House of Representatives for District 32B.

Laurie Warner

Elect Laurie Warner to represent us in the Minnesota House of Representatives

District 32B

I am running for Minnesota House because I believe we can do better. It is time to put partisan politics aside and focus on the needs of our communities - strong schools, good-paying jobs, safe efficient roads and bridges.

My roots run deep in this district;  I live and work here, and look forward to a bright future here.

It's all about family. As a working mom and grandmother, I believe we must stand up for the priorities of families, seniors, children and veterans. By working together, we can all do better. I want to be your voice in our state legislature.

Please reach out to me with any questions.

Laurie Warner


Early Voting Applications

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Absentee Ballot and Instructions for Chisago County

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