Meet Laurie Warner...

DFL Candidate for MN House of Representatives, District 32B

I’m Laurie Warner, DFL candidate for the House of Representatives 32B and I seek your support.Democratic Famer Labor endorsed candidate for Minnesota House of Representatives District 32B.

My husband Mike and I live in North Branch. We love so much about our area: Great schools, of course; many family activities and easy access to get to them on good highways; wonderful parks, trails, lakes, river; lots of community events around the county we enjoy every year.

As we’ve built our lives here, I’ve gained many volunteer experiences that demonstrate the values of interest and hard work to improve and enhance our communities. These include the North Branch Beautification Association, Wyoming area Creative Arts Community, North Branch Area Public Schools Facilities Study Group, North Branch ACT on Alzheimer’s, Chisago County Labor Assembly, and the State Apprenticeship Advisory Board. I also work locally at Natural Spaces Domes in North Branch.

I grew up in a working class family and always believed in fighting for those who are struggling to make ends meet. Five girls and one brother meant a lot of compromise, sharing and caring for each other. My brother, 15, was paralyzed in a swimming accident and suddenly all of our lives changed. Help from family, friends and faith taught us the importance of working together to help the lives of those less fortunate. This made a big impact on my life.

Elect Laurie Warner to represent MN District 32B to defeat Bob Barrett in the MN House of Representatives.I will use my life experiences in leading efforts to improve access to affordable health care and affordable housing; to provide quality education including pre-school programs; to support safe roads and bridges so people can get to work and home again safely; to bring more good-paying jobs into our district.

Chisago County is one of the fastest growing in Minnesota. We must be prepared to provide necessary services and security to keep up with the growth while still protecting the beauty and quality of life in our local communities.

I will be your advocate in the legislature

Laurie J. Warner